Frico Introduction

CEO's Statement

Over the years, home appliances have evolved and clocked significant milestones. Nowadays, home appliances undeniably play an important role in our daily lives.

At Frico, we place great emphasis on the needs of consumers. With change of times, the yardstick to measure a good household appliance is more than the price, function or design. Consumers are more health-conscious and concered about the environment. Even though consumers are spoilt for choices when it comes to shopping for home appliances, it is still difficult to find products that place high importance on health. This was the reason why Frico was born.

We, at Frico recognise the importance of home appliances in every home. We are compelled to bring you "healthy" home appliances. Modern home appliances should not only be functional, it should have a creative design, be cost-effective, and most importantly, benefit our health.

Our organisation strives to implant the concept of "healthy lifestyle" through white goods business. We focus on providing home appliances that help to achieve well-being.

Our desire is for people to drink "healthy" water, breathe "healthy" air and cook in a "healthy" way because everyone deserves a healthy life. As such, Frico has come up with a wide range of home appliances to benefit health-conscious consumer.

Our products have been designed with health in mind and thoroughly tested to ensure its quality is up to mark. We have strong confidence in our products and therefore have no qualms in offering a two-year warranty period against manufacturer defects.

Frico's beliefis that the use of home appliances should enhance our health. It is vital to have the right expertise in order to reach our goal of creating home appliances that promotes good health. Our team of people is highly skilled in their are as and equipped with years of experience. They are committed and have put in a lot of effort to source or produce home appliances that are "health" - oriented. Together with a number of trusted suppliers and manufacturers, we arepassionate towards delivering an impressive array of home appliances for consumers. Frico does not just sell home appliances; it sells "healthy" home appliances. Inessence, we want Frico to be associated with home appliances that promotes well being. We seta trend for healthy lifestyle through the use of home appliances. The foundation of our successful business is vast market knowledge and an exceptional team.

We have come along way since the days when our company was first established. In terms of growth, we have progressed by leaps and bounds.

Customers are our greatest asset.

Their positive feedback has helped to encourage Frico to step forward throughout the years. Wea ppreciate our customers' ongoing support andw ill continue to improve our products and services to serve our customers better.

A home appliance is good if it is functional and efficient. However, a home appliance is SUPERIOR if it is functional, efficient and "healthy".

Frico invites all to join us towards a healthier lifestyle and a healthier you.

Mr. Max Ng