Frico Introduction


Rococlean FC-VC125 is automatic vacuum cleaner robot with superior features

Automatic cleaning

Cleaning all of obstacles or liquid on the floor follows 6 kinds movement pattern: "1 Special-bounce", "2 Spot-Spiral", "3 Along wall", "4 S shape", "5 Polygonal spiral", "6 Automatic" You can use remote-control to choose that suitable kind to clean quickly. 

Self-direction function

The machine will automatically map out their own direction, the entire space in the room will be air-recorded and according to that plan will automatically cleans your house. 

Automatically charging

When the battery is low, Rococlean FC-VC125 will automatically find battery charger and automatic charging

Install date, uptime

Rococlean will work over time after you have installed the battery sufficiently charged

Compact Design

With a slim, compact design, robot can go everywhere you are less sweeping as the bed, under cabinet, under the sofa, ...

Unleash labor

Robot will actively work over time to be installed without the direct control

Safety and energy saving

With a mechanism of action based on a reserve battery charger, 20 up 1000mA output indicators, Rococlean really a safety device and maximum power savings.
Products suitable for use in homes, hotel rooms, offices with moderate area. Best when used to clean all kinds of floor like carpet, wood flooring, hard flooring and tiled floors.